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The current climate makes it imperative for faculty and students to be able to adequately express and exercise their thought leadership skills on LinkedIn, and take full advantage of the inherent perks of building a prominent and commanding presence on this platform. 

I have been working with quite a number of faculty and students, and I believe it is high time you took full advantage also. 

It is in view of this that I would like to partner with you to develop your thought leadership presence on LinkedIn. 

Unfortunately, many professionals view LinkedIn as a nice to have rather than a need to have. In the coming years, it will be critical that you establish likability, credibility, and authority by creating intellectual property that attracts clients and decision-makers. 

By using the IBAR Critical Thinking Method for Education Thought Leadership, participants will learn how to:

• Solve industry problems, 
• Create intellectual property, and 
• Market themselves on LinkedIn to attract clients and decision-makers.

By the end of the program, participants will have developed intellectual property on LinkedIn that makes it easier for them to invite potential clients and decision-makers into their network. By becoming a thought leader, participants are better positioned to showcase their expertise in an educational fashion. 





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