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Are Your Competitors Out-thinking You?

What skills are businesses and corporations looking for?

How would you feel if you were told about an important skill that could make you more competitive, powerful, and influential? What if you were told that no one has ever taught you this skill, mostly because we overlook it? That special skill is critical thinking.

Today, businesses and corporations are looking for aspiring leaders and managers who can solve complex problems and make effective decisions. A 2012 American Management Association (AMA) study asked 768 managers and executives about the importance of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity (described as the Four C’s) to their organizations. An estimated 74.6% of the managers and executives who responded to AMA’s survey believed that the Four C’s will become even more important to their organizations in the next 3 to 5 years. 

Without these skills, you are at a severe disadvantage. And this handicap could hinder your career advancement, as well as label you “expendable.”


How do you get the skills that make you a more competitive leader?

The IBAR Critical Thinking Method is a simple and systematic approach to problem solving and decision making that makes you more valuable to your company, which means that you have the ability to compete, distinguish yourself, and become more influential.

Wouldn’t you like to show that you are a world-class leader by becoming a certified decision-maker? 


How does the IBAR Critical Thinking Method help you?

  • Gain an advantage in a competitive marketplace.
  • Teaches you how to think and make decisions on a senior management level.
  • Bring insightful and evidence-based ideas to corporate meetings.
  • Showcase your industry expertise, which leads to higher income.
  • Improve employee performance and productivity by demonstrating smart leadership.
  • Write more persuasively and proficiently.
  • Manage projects and inspire greater self-reliance.
  • Become a more assertive and confident decision-maker.


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