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IBAR Critical Thinking Method: A Systematic Approach to Making Smarter, Faster & Better Decisions

Watch this video for the benefits of the IBAR Critical Thinking Method(TM)

How to Get Workforce Ready with Superior Decision Making Skills

Today, colleges and corporations are looking for candidates who can solve complex problems and make effective decisions. Without these skills, you are at a severe disadvantage in the global economy. And this handicap can lock you out of jobs and promotions.

The IBAR Critical Thinking Method(TM) is a simple and systematic approach to problem solving and decision making that allows you to create more value within your organization, which means that you have the ability to distinguish yourself, have more career opportunities, and earn a higher income.

Wouldn’t you like to show that you are a world-class problem solver and decision maker by becoming certified?

How does the IBAR Critical Thinking Method(TM) help you?

  • Helps you gain a competitive advantage on college applications and job resumes 
  • Teaches you how to think and make decisions on a managerial level 
  • You can bring insightful and compelling ideas to corporate meetings 
  • You can showcase your industry talent, which leads to higher income
  • You can improve your productivity by spotting trends and effectively responding to market needs
  • You can draft compelling proposals
  • You can manage projects effectively
  • You can become a more assertive and confident decision maker


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