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Helping Educators Increase Their Influence Through Education Thought Leadership

Can Education Thought Leadership Maximize Your Influence & Income Opportunities?

Whether educators are motivated to become go-to solution providers within the education field, assist students in gaining a thought leadership advantage, or become thought leaders within a new profession, educators should establish an education thought leadership presence on the internet.

In many surveys, educators complain about the political machinations, overbearing parents, and endless administrative responsibilities they confront regularly, and these challenges aren’t going away.

Denise Brosseau of Thought Leadership Lab asserts that thought leadership is “Career Insurance.”


After taking this online certification course, you’ll be able to:

• Identify, dissect, analyze, and synthesize business and academic problems and solutions.

• Create intellectual property to increase your income from the solutions derived from the IBAR Critical Thinking Method.

• Develop an education thought leadership strategy using social media.

• Help students document, package, and market their knowledge for workforce readiness and job placement.

• Create educational products and services to self-actualize financial freedom.

• Learn and apply an effective critical thinking system that improves the educational experience, encourages a love for learning, and produces optimal results.

• Create an online thought leadership presence when desiring to enter a new profession.

• Complete an e-portfolio on LinkedIn to attract influencers and decision-makers.

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