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Thought Leadership: How Intellectual Property Keeps You Top of Mind in Your Profession

Becoming a thought leader requires more than spewing out mere opinions. With no barriers to entry, anyone with a website, smartphone, or blog can become a media publisher. However, using intellectual property to stay top of mind within your profession requires a...
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Knowledge Management: How Police Departments Can Retain the Experience of Retiring Personnel

After 30 years of dedicated service, Officer Mahoney puts in his retirement papers. He has seen everything! The police profession has changed over the years and it’s time for Officer Mahoney to hang up the old gun and badge. Sure, he’ll do some extra jobs—directing...
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How the Legendary Musician Prince Created Massive Intellectual Property and How You Can Too

According to a Google search for “How many people die a day in the world?” it is estimated that 151,600 people die daily. However, on April 21, 2016, the world was transfixed with the death of one person – music legend Prince. As of this writing, reverberations...
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Become a Thought Leader

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Thought Leader Within Your Profession Good employees and good executives are nice to have. Thought leaders are irreplaceable — and indispensable. — Dorie Clark, Marketing Strategist Generally speaking, a thought leader is a...
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How Critical Thinking skills help?

Are talent and HR managers attracting the type of applicants that have the requisite critical thinking skills for a changing business environment? In this article, we are using talent managers and HR managers interchangeably to make the point about managing employee...
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Strategic Leadership Skills

  Recently, I went into one of the world’s largest discount stores to buy an Ethernet cable for my computer. I walked around the Electronics section for 10 minutes before I had to go into the School Supplies section to find someone to assist me. The nice...
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Decision-Making Processes

Can Jerks Lead Effectively? Decision-Making Processes of Narcissists and Charismatic Leaders A study conducted by professors at IMD business school, Penn State, and Erlangen-Nuremberg University concluded that bosses that display narcissistic qualities perform better...
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IBAR Critical Thinking Method

In today’s business climate, where corporate managers are attempting to make the most of their resources, it is essential to choose a strategic thinking model that nets the best results. Albert S. Humphrey is credited for developing the SWOT analysis in the 1960s....
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Are You A Critical Thinker ?

Are You A Critical Thinker Or A Strategic Thinker? Left to an analytical thinker to determine the difference between critical thinkers versus strategic thinkers, he or she might be forced to ask, “What difference does it make?” But, Maggitti (2015) noted that, “The...
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5 Trends of Corporate Training 2016

Training is imparted to employees to ensure that they stay competent, competitive, and resourceful for an organization. The very purpose of providing corporate training is to ensure that employees are skilled sufficiently enough to take up any challenge, as well as...
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