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The IBAR Critical Thinking Method for Education Thought Leadership Online Certification

Introduction: Imagine spending your entire childhood getting good grades with the expectation of some day going to law school to become an attorney. You excel all through high school and college, finally getting accepted at the University of Dayton School of Law. And then the unimaginable happens-you decide law school isn’t for you. What do you do?

Well, this is Edward Brown’s story, creator of the IBAR Critical Thinking Method. Instead of lamenting about not completing law school and becoming an attorney, Ed used his critical thinking skills to develop the IBAR Critical Thinking Method to assist educators in becoming thought leaders.

Denise Brosseau of Thought Leadership Lab asserts that thought leadership is “Career Insurance.”

After taking this online course, you’ll be able to:

• Identify, dissect, analyze, and synthesize business and academic problems and solutions.

• Become better at assessing critical thinking skills, developing specialized learning objectives, and evaluating the impact of your teaching initiatives.

• Create intellectual property from the solutions derived from the IBAR Critical Thinking Method.

• Develop a thought leadership strategy using social media.

• Help students document, package, and market their knowledge for workforce readiness.

• Create educational products and services to self-actualize financial freedom.

• Learn and apply an effective critical thinking system that improves the educational experience, encourages a love for learning, and produces effective results.

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