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The current climate makes it imperative for students and faculty to be able to adequately express and exercise their leadership skills on LinkedIn, and take full advantage of the inherent perks of building a prominent and commanding presence on this platform. 

Unfortunately, many students don’t have a LinkedIn profile that showcases their intellectual capital in ways that position them as thought leaders and subject matter experts. In the coming years, the biggest challenge for students will be establishing an online presence that attracts decision-makers, hiring managers, and recruiters. 

By enrolling in the IBAR Critical Thinking Method for education thought leadership course, students will learn how to:

• Solve industry problems, 
• Create intellectual property, and 
• Market themselves on LinkedIn to attract decision-makers and hiring managers.

By the end of the program, students will have developed intellectual property on LinkedIn that makes it easier for them to invite decision-makers into their network. By developing this professional relationship, students are better positioned as problem solvers to gain access to career opportunities. Your students must not be left out.

We have been working with quite a number of faculty, high school and college students, and the results have been huge. We believe it is high time your students took full advantage too. 





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