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About This Course

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The IBAR Critical Thinking Method for Education Thought Leadership Certification is an online, self-directed, yet personally instructed course that provides a systematic approach for educators to solve problems, create intellectual property, and market their solutions through social media.

As an educator, your ability to solve complex problems and develop innovations, not only places you on the fast-track for professional advancement, but you also gain the freedom and self-expression to live life on your terms. Simply knowing how to access information and think clearly on your feet separates you from being either an organizational asset or an organizational liability.

Additionally, this course allows you to be a greater asset to your students by providing them the tools to becoming thought leaders, as well as demonstrate their critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills.



Lesson Topics & Course Assignments

Lesson 1 :  Introduction to the IBAR Critical Thinking Method

  • Listen to the PowerPoint audio video on The IBAR Critical Thinking Method.
  • Read pages 8-13 in the e-book, The IBAR Way of Critical Thinking & Thought Leadership

 Read articles from your Listed Articles packet:

“How to Choose the Best Critical Thinking Process for Smarter Decision-Making”

“How Transformational Leaders Develop Breakout Discoveries”

“Are You a Critical Thinker or a Strategic Thinker?”

Assignment: Based on the exercises at the end of each section of the IBAR Tutorial, complete the IBAR Critical Thinking Outline Sheet to be turned in with your IBAR Narrative Project Sheet.


Lesson 2: Introduction to Education Thought Leadership

 Read articles from your Listed Articles packet: 

  • “Thought Leadership: How Intellectual Property Keeps You Top of Mind in Your Profession.”
  • “How Educators Can Monetize and Cash-in on Thought Leadership.”
  • “How Educators Can Prove Students are Critical Thinkers and Scholars Through Evidence-Based Thought Leadership.”

Assignment: Complete Self-Reflection Exercise on Education Thought Leadership (3 essay questions). You will find the questions within your IBAR Document Forms packet.


Lesson 3: Creating Intellectual Property 

  • Read article, “How Intellectual Property Helps Students Become Influential Before They Get Hired.”
  •  Listen to Intellectual Property Architecture slide.

Assignment: Using the Intellectual Property Architecture format, outline the specifications for an article on your expertise.


Lesson 4: Developing a Social Media Schedule for Education Thought Leadership

  • Review and listen to the PowerPoint, “Creating a Social Media Schedule.”

Assignment: Create a daily social media schedule using the information provided.


Lesson 5: Certification Project 

Assignment: Using the information and exercises within the previous modules, complete the Student Narrative exercise for IBAR certification consideration, as well as complete the course evaluation form. Send completed assignment(s) to:


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