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Is Your Leadership Development Training Creating Thought Leaders?


It’s not enough to merely have ideas, education, and experience. You have to become better at documenting, packaging, and marketing your knowledge. Today, educators and students have to become thought leaders and subject matter experts by building intellectual capital to gain an advantage within the workforce. Our critical and strategic thinking courses help make you the “go to” person in your profession.

Add any of our courses to your next leadership development or special programs schedule. And you will never have to worry whether your investment was worth it, again.


Business Analysis

Business Analysis Certification | IBAR Critical Thinking Method

Are You the Smartest Person in the Room? How to Out-think Your Competition for Market Dominance

 RBAP Strategic Thinking Method

SWOT Analysis



Leadership Development

Employee Development | IBAR Critical Thinking

 IBAR Critical Thinking Method: A Systematic Approach to Making Smarter, Faster & Better Decisions

IBAR Critical Thinking Method: Teach-the-Teacher Skills Certification

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