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IBAR Teach-the-Teacher Skills Certification

IBAR Trainer skills certification for Employees, Students

IBAR Teach-the-Teacher Skills Certification

Many educators may struggle in teaching critical thinking and decision making skills to students. This practical, how-to skills certification workshop teaches you everything about the IBAR Critical Thinking Method as well as how to teach it. The simpler it is to understand IBAR: Issues, Benchmarks, Analyses/Applications, and Recommendations, the better it is for students to become thought leaders and subject matter experts. New IBAR teachers will gain the fundamentals, which will allow you to create insightful training to use within educational systems as an independent IBAR instructor.


How the Training is Delivered:

  • In-person for 1 or more days (groups of 5+)
  • E-course
  • On-site or at our location
  • Flexible dates & times


Why You Should Attend:

  • Learn the basics of the IBAR Critical Thinking Method as a faster, smarter, and better way of making decisions.
  • Help students document, package, and market their knowledge.
  • Become better at assessing critical thinking skills, develop specialized learning objectives, and evaluate the impact of your teaching initiatives.
  • Learn and apply an effective critical thinking system that improves the educational experience, encourages a love for learning, and produces effective results.
  • Develop an engaging decision making and problem solving method that is student and employee-centered.


What to Expect:

  • Pre-Assessment: Complete a self-assessment to determine your problem solving/decision making style.
  • IBAR: Learn how the IBAR Critical Thinking Method is a cleaner way to systematically make decisions.
  • Skills Certification: After completing the course, you will present the IBAR Critical Thinking Method just as you would to your audience.


IBAR Certification Materials Include:

  • Course Syllabus
  • The IBAR Way of Critical Thinking Textbook
  • IBAR Critical Thinking Method Outline
  • Presentation Certification Sheet
  • Course Evaluation Form


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