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Atlanta, GA-April 17, 2017 – Thought Leadership for Educators Forum is a new LinkedIn group that serves as a think tank for educators looking to become thought leaders and influencers within the field of education.  Hosted by the American Academy of Advanced Thinking (AAAT), this thought leadership group seeks to promote a market-driven approach to education, particularly for frustrated educators desiring to use their education and teaching experience to develop online educational tools to expand their academic reach. Additionally, the group helps educators develop the necessary critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills to cultivate student thought leaders.

AAAT’s managing director Edward Brown says, “Thought leadership is often attributed to business professionals; however, educators have to begin using their knowledge to guide the direction of education.  Political machinations, overbearing parents, and excessive administrative responsibilities can only be offset by educators forging a new direction for self-determination.”

Educators are encouraged to contribute, comment, and share the latest research and information for becoming a thought leader and subject matter expert.  Motivated educators can test new ideas for product development, introduce innovative teaching methods, and use the group to build networks for creating intellectual property.

Brown says, “Educators who are open for opportunities and want to maintain or rekindle their love for teaching can leverage their knowledge to a global community.”

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About American Academy of Advanced Thinking:

American Academy of Advanced Thinking (AAAT) is an applied research and development company that helps educators and students create intellectual property (IP) to become thought leaders and subject matter experts on LinkedIn to maximize income opportunities.  AAAT was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2016.

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