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Podcast #1: Why Your Students Shouldn’t Graduate Without…

Educators: Why Your Students Shouldn’t Graduate Without a LinkedIn Thought Leadership Profile


Did you know that LinkedIn can make students the go-to person within their profession? It’s the premier platform where the decision-makers and influencers they want to attract go to network. But, it’s not enough to merely have LinkedIn connections, students have to engage their contacts with knowledge and information that make them more productive and profitable. During this podcast, I’ll share several COMPELLING TIPS and STRATEGIES on how and why a LinkedIn thought leadership profile is important to students. Particularly, for those who don’t possess any practical work experience, I will share specific techniques for assisting you in helping students build a scholarly LinkedIn profile that makes them more competitive for colleges, internships, jobs, and more.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why LinkedIn is the go-to forum for establishing trust and credibility among decision-makers and recruitment managers.
  • The 3 steps for creating the ideal LinkedIn profile title.
  • How to create a compelling and attractive summary.
  • How to create in-class projects that produce scholarly articles, books, podcasts, and videos.
  • The key components for creating a publishing schedule to stay active and relevant on LinkedIn.
  • Predictions and trends for students entering the workforce and how to best position them for career success.
  • The biggest obstacle standing between you and student success and how to overcome it.