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Edward S. Brown, M.S.

Managing Director for the American Academy of Advanced Thinking

What are people saying about Ed and the results of the IBAR Critical Thinking Method?


On behalf of the U. S. Small Business Administration…We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It kept the participants engaged and held their attention. The majority of participants stated on their survey that the program was excellent and the speaker was very knowledgeable about the subject matter…Your sharing of invaluable information to small businesses on how to effectively apply critical and strategic thinking to resolve business problems was well-received by the participants. They were very appreciative of the resources provided and their uses. Again, please accept our thanks for a great presentation. We look forward to working with you in the future.Dorothy G. Atkins, Supervisory Economic Development Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration


The IBAR Critical Thinking Method effectively takes you through the critical thinking process with clarity and symmetry leading to a desired outcome. I like the system.–Chief Wanda Dunham, MARTA Police Department


Recently, I had the pleasure to collaborate with Edward Brown on a project delving into student preparation for careers. Ed made the project positive and productive by asking thought provoking questions. His clear concise communication allowed seamless coordination of my input.–Wanda Benjamin, Adjunct Instructor at Georgia Piedmont Technical College (formerly DeKalb Technical College)


Mr. Brown is professional, reliable, and incredibly resourceful. Mr. Brown stands by his word and actions, specifically in first helping you understand the value of LinkedIn, and personally showing you how to use LinkedIn as a vital tool to market oneself in many facets to obtain optimal results. Mr. Brown is thorough and he has provided me with the results I desired. –Shawn D. Andrews, Senior Paralegal

Edward is the man I go to for critical thinking when I am wondering about a topic. He is always ready and on target. In my experience, one who can think critically is the best person to teach it. That is why there are very few good critical thinking teachers. Most people just teach it. They don’t know critical thinking from experience, so how will they recognize it fully, when they see it? Edward is a thinker and a teacher. He knows critical thinking, he thinks critically, he teaches critical thinking, and he helps people actually LEARN to think critically. –Chavah Golden, CHIEF ToolMaker – Training, Coaching: Visual Language/Thinking, Transitions, Problem Definition, Insight, Mind Mapping

Ed truly has a passion to make the world a smarter place to live. He designs critical thinking methods that make people smarter! He would be a great resource for any company that is looking to build sound strategies and utilize best practices to strengthen the effectiveness of their workforce. –Orissa El, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Capitol Media Solutions

Ed Brown is truly an exceptional individual. We have worked together for a number of years in the Atlanta Galleria Toastmaster’s club. He always exudes an appealing air of total confidence when he walks into a room. His voice is always powerful and his presentations are both extremely insightful and thought provoking. Ed is fully dedicated, as well as unwavering, in not only honing but executing or utilizing his varied skill sets. He is without a doubt an invaluable asset for our organization. I recommend him highly and without hesitation as an extremely effective trainer, coach, and/or mentor in any environment or situation. –Tonia E. Rowland, Project Management | Team Lead | Sr. Analyst | Technical Requirements | Data Integrations | Troubleshooter | PMP ®


The undersigned have vetted Ed’s critical thinking work over the years within academia and professional capacities that demonstrate his proficiency in this area.

Larry D. Stewart, D.P.A., J.D.

Associate Professor

Past Program Coordinator – Master’s Degree in Public Safety Leadership

Mercer University – Atlanta Campus & Henry County Regional Academic Center


Latascha A. Smith, Ph.D. (Organizational Development)

Instructional Academic Mathematics Coach, Dekalb County School District (Georgia)


Monica R. McCullough, J.D.

Senior Employment Counsel  


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