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Academy seeks to emotionalize intellectualism among educators and students

December 5, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia. This week the American Academy of Advanced Thinking (AAAT) launched a new fashion line of T-shirts online called the “Intellect Select Collection” as a way of creating greater tangibility and emotionality in critical thinking and thought leadership among educators and students. 

The “Intellect Select Collection” is AAAT’s foray into “smart” fashion. The T-shirt line promotes intellect, thought leadership, and critical thinking to combat the low brow or anti-intellectual messages seen in many popular brands. 

“It was necessary to begin using different senses to express extreme opposition to the dummying down of society, as well as the lewd and crude messages often exemplified in today’s fashion. We are reaching out to bona fide and budding intellects who desire to wear their smarts on their sleeves,” says Edward Brown, Managing Director of American Academy of Advanced Thinking. “It’s time we create a counterbalance to the consistent messages that demean intellectual rigor, but glorify ignorance and incivility.” 

AAAT personnel developed this fashion line as a first step to engaging all of the five senses for embracing intellectualism as a lifestyle brand, as well as an entry into popular culture.

Future products include perfumes, body oils, business wear, and other collectives to enchant the senses surrounding intelligence. 

“This T-shirt line is designed to add more voice and dimension to a one-sided conversation that currently exists where education and smartness aren’t revered as a value in many communities and the media. It’s our attempt to make intelligence as sexy and engaging as sports and entertainment. We are on a quest to usher in a new Age of Reason,” says Shawn Andrews, AAAT Communications Director. “Without such efforts, civilization as we know it will be lost.”

Partial proceeds of sales will go to youth development programs committed to nurturing future academic and business leaders. 

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About the American Academy of Advanced Thinking (AAAT)

AAAT teaches smart students how to create intellectual property to influence decision-makers for career opportunities. AAAT does this by instructing students how to document, package, and market their knowledge to become thought leaders. AAAT was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2016.