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Atlanta, GA. July 24, 2017–The American Academy of Advanced Thinking (AAAT) has brought its IBAR Critical Thinking Method for Education Thought Leadership Certification online this month. This course is aimed at enabling educators to learn the IBAR Critical Thinking Method (IBAR) for making them thought leaders within education, as well as develop the next generation of student thought leaders and subject matter experts. Newly minted IBAR certified instructors can teach the method to students as a means of students gaining an advantage by proving that they have the necessary critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills sought-after by employers. One of the biggest challenges within many corporations today is developing a critical thinking model that can be learned easily and systematically.

A published article by Pearson TalentLens, a subsidiary of the world’s largest educational publishing company titled, “As the Skills Gap Widens, Employers Stop Requiring Degrees”, suggests that employers no longer trust that having a college degree automatically implies adequate decision making, problem solving, or communication ability. As such, AAAT believes that practical, online certifications that focus on the most needed workforce skills will help close these skills gap.

The need for innovative workforce education prompted AAAT to develop an alternative thinking method for addressing the reasoning and problem solving skills of new entrants into the marketplace.

Edward Brown – Director and developer of the IBAR Critical Thinking Method said: “As the data suggests, it will not necessarily be traditional educational institutions that will prepare new entrants for the workforce, but private companies with specialized workforce education that will help bridge the skills gap. Finishing schools of the past were valuable in providing etiquette training. Today’s finishing schools will do the same, but be more relevant to current market needs.”

The IBAR Critical Thinking Method for Education Thought Leadership Certification course is self-directed and will be marketed to educators online via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. A Silver, Gold, or Platinum tuition level allows participants to study totally independently or enlist the assistance of a certified instructor through Skype or telephone.

About American Academy of Advanced Thinking: The American Academy of Advanced Thinking (AAAT) is an online applied research and development company that helps educators and students create intellectual property (IP) to become education thought leaders and subject matter experts to maximize their income opportunities. AAAT was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2016.

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