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The IBAR Critical Thinking Method: A Systematic Approach to Making Smarter, Faster & Better Decisions



In this skills certification workshop, you will learn:

  • How to increase organizational productivity by spotting trends and effectively responding to market needs.
  • How to apply critical and strategic thinking to problems.
  • How to draft compelling proposals.
  • How to manage projects effectively
  • How to become a more assertive and confident decision-maker.
  • How to showcase powerful thinking skills within your industry.


 Why Should You Attend?


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How the Training is Delivered:

    • Onsite or offsite, in-person courses for one day (Minimum 10 participants)
    • E-course
    • Flexible dates & times



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Workshop includes (Offsite Option):

  • All books and materials
  • Free parking
  • A sumptuous meal
  • *Wi-Fi availability
  • Digital copy of the book, The IBAR Way of Critical Thinking
  • Networking with your professional peers
  • Interactive discussion, breakout sessions and presentations
  • A skills certification ceremony immediately follows for those who successfully complete the workshop. Participants become IBAR certified critical thinkers.

* Bring your laptop or Internet capable device.



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